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Who I am ?

I am a human, not an animal or any despicable creature.
I am not a ghost neither,
I'm a human,
I breath, I feel, I hear and I can see everything going on around me.
I am not blind, but you are ;
                                                 Because you think I'm invisible,
                                                 Because you can't see my humanity.
I feel happiness, joy, sadness, anger all in one day,
I even fly so high, reach the sky but I also get down under the ground in the same day.
I am a human,
I have rights and obligation, I have done my obligations but I am still waiting to obtain my rights.
I am free, I can say or do what ever I want as long as I respect you,
Still with that you are doing your best to take away my freedom, to put me in a cage as an animal.

Who I am ?

I am a Muslim, born as one; but found faith and believe on my own.
I have chosen to be Muslim, because I never believe in coincidence, always know that there is a higher a power, A God.
Because I know the prophets, I love them even If I never saw them .
Because I found peace, confident, happiness and love in one book (the holly Quran ).
Because I found the meaning of life, and how to live always happy.
Because I know that I am never alone, that I matter, that God will never give up on me.
So How can I don't choose it ? Just because of ignorant words !!

Who I am ?

I am an artist,
I see the world with an artist eyes, with eyes that see beauty everywhere even in the simple things
I am gifted but also cursed.
I am the voice , the eyes and the hear of other people who can't speak .
I am a changer,
In my hand I have the power to change everything I want, to make it better.
My words, my draws, my paints are my weapon and my way to make a change and give the others a chance.
If you don't agree or like who I am Please don't give me your judge, any comment that contain insult or hate I will erase it.
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AliceMaryC Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
this is wonderful dear! really true words!
hey changer, let's change the world a big bit! ;)
time to show people, who love and faith work - no matter which faith it is!
angelheart05 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much :hug:
rhgraphicsolutions Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
I am not blind, but you are ;
Because you think I'm invisible,
Because you can't see my humanity.

exactly! too many people see a stereotype, and don't take the time to learn the story.
angelheart05 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Yes, they are .
Thank you :)
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